RemBind Featured in German Publication

Altasten Spektrum

This German article featured in Altlasten Spektrum answers the question Does the immobilisation of PFAS-contaminated soils alleviate the disposal dilemma?”

Contamination with PFAS in soil generates challenges both during remediation and disposal. The addition of RemBind to such a soil reduces the solubility of PFAS to a great extent. Accompanying investigations over longer periods of time as well as simulations in the laboratory imply a strong and reliable binding of the PFAS.

Reduced PFAS concentrations in the eluate allow a more multifunctional use of the soil. Landscaping structures may play a role in the use of the treated soil on site, eliminating the need for transportation and emissions. In addition, previous studies of treated soil also indicate a strongly reduced availability of the immobilised PFAS for plants and earth worms.