Incredible day kicking off another large European PFAS stabilization project using RemBind

Ever wondered how stabilization of PFAS contaminated soil can be done? For this 4000 ton stabilization project for PFAS contaminated soil from an airport, one of RemBind’s European distributors, Envytech, offered interested clients and problem owners a live show.

Envytech have completed many projects using RemBind, but this time was the first using an Allu bucket to mix RemBind with PFAS contaminated soil. They are used to working with tumble screens or vibrating screens, but their our client Dåva Landfill are used to mixing with an Allu bucket, so they were super keen to see the result!

And as you can see, it works very well. The RemBind was premixed to a 10% mix, and this soil was then spread on top of approx.100 tons of the contaminated soil with a front loader. The soil was then mixed with the Allu bucket to a 1.5% RemBind concentration. You see one mixing round in the film, and another 3 were to be performed.

Lab scale results show that 1.5% RemBind minimizes leachability of all PFAS28 with minimum 95%. The soil will then be landfilled in sealed cells, to provide a long term minimal leachability setting. And Job Done ✅👌