AquaGate+RemBind® for Surface
and Groundwater Remediation

AquaGate+RemBind® is a composite particle consisting of an aggregate core coated with RemBind® powder.

This unique design facilitates the accurate placement of RemBind® for the passive remediation of PFAS in water using permeable reactive barriers (PRBs). The PRBs can be installed in-situ for groundwater remediation or above ground in surface water drains.

The AquaGate+RemBind® product design combines two proven world-class technologies: 

RemBind® is a powdered sorbent that binds up long- and short-chain PFASs in soil and water. It has been independently validated by government and industry and used commercially worldwide since 2015.

AquaBlok (USA) has spent the last decade demonstrating the effectiveness of using powder coated aggregates to treat organic contaminants using permeable reactive barriers (PRBs).

Field Applications

Emergency Spill Response

AquaGate+RemBind® can be used to mitigate runoff during emergency flood or spill response involving PFAS contaminated water or liquids.

Groundwater Remediation

(Permeable Reactive Barriers)

PFAS compounds are highly soluble in water and are transported rapidly through surface run-off, infiltrating groundwater and impacting surface water and sediments (i.e. in a basin, detention pond, lake or river).

Currently groundwater contaminated with PFAS, the most common approach is to remove the water via a pump-and-treat system and discharge the clean water to a nearby sewer or surface water body.

Although it’s generally agreed that this approach is expensive and an unsustainable solution, few in-situ approaches have been developed or proven.

However, AquaGate+RemBind® now offers the ability to utilise RemBind® adsorptive materials in a Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) configuration to prevent migration of a PFAS groundwater plume.

PFAS compounds are highly soluble in water and are transported rapidly through surface run-off, infiltrating groundwater and impacting surface water.

Sediment Remediation

At present, the focus on PFAS remediation is on groundwater and drinking water. However, as contaminated groundwater migrates to surface water bodies, such as rivers and lakes, aquatic biota and fish are impacted, as well. There is increasing evidence that these sensitive ecological receptors are impacting the food chain.

To address PFAS accumulations in sediments, AquaGate+RemBind® can be applied to limit the impact of PFAS on sensitive biological receptors.

Soil Stockpile Leachate Management

Stockpiles of PFAS contaminated soil often require a liner to be installed to manage leachate runoff. For temporary stockpiles, a layer of AquaGate+RemBind® can be used as a liner as a practical, simple method for leachate containment. When the stockpile is moved, the product can be sacrificed with the soil.

Surface Water Remediation

At most Airports and Defence sites, surface water is managed using an above-ground drain system. To minimise the amount of PFAS contamination leaving site in these drains, above ground PRBs containing AquaGate+RemBind® can be installed.


RemBind® has been used successfully at full-scale worldwide and is available through distributors in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


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