The RemBind® technology was originally developed in 2010 in collaboration with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

While the product was initially designed to bind up gasworks contaminants, independent testing by AirServices Australia in 2015, showed the potential of RemBind® to immobilise PFAS. After further product refinement, it was demonstrated that RemBind® had the unique capability to bind short and long-chain PFASs, setting RemBind® apart from other reagents.

RemBind® has been validated in more than 100 independent trials worldwide and is recognised globally as a leading sorbent for the remediation of PFAS contaminated soil.

Thousands of tonnes of PFAS impacted soil have been treated at full-scale in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand with regulatory sign off through our global network of distributors.

Dr Richard Stewart, founder and Managing Director of RemBind Pty Ltd holds a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Adelaide and has professional business qualifications in Science and Technology Commercialisation from the University of Texas and in Product Innovation from the Harvard Business School. He is recognised globally as a leader in PFAS remediation.

RemBind’s Managing Director, Dr Richard Stewart

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