Patents filed

Patents filed to protect the use of any combination of aluminium and carbon materials for remediation applications.

Developed in collaboration with the CSIRO.

2010 - 2013

RemBind F

Based on alum sludge by-products from drinking water treatment plants.

Successful remediation of arsenic and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in soil.

20,000 t of PAH soil treated and re-used at a former Defence site in Sydney.

2014 - 2016

RemBind and RemBind Plus

Designed specifically to target long and short chain PFAS.

Proprietary blend of natural clays and activated carbons sourced in Australia.

Treated 1,000 t of soil in Australia‚Äôs first full scale

PFAS immobilisation project with full regulatory sign off. 

2017 -

RemBind 100

First product optimised for long term stability.

Published data predicting long term stability of >100 years.

Our most popular product to date used to treat >100,000 tonnes of soil worldwide.

Outperformed GAC and biochar in independent studies including binding short-chain GenX.

2017 -

RemBind 200

High surface area, enhanced performance for PFAS removal from water.

Release of AquaGate+RemBind product for passive water treatment.

Applied successfully in the USA for treatment of PFAS in surface water and lagoons.

2021 -

RemBind 100X

Improved formulation for enhanced PFAS binding in soil for tough jobs with high PFAS levels and stringent target criteria.

Outperformed GAC and Biochar and Organoclay in independent studies.