Durability of Sorption of Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances in Soils Immobilized Using Common Adsorbents: 2. Effects of Repeated Leaching, Temperature Extremes, Ionic Strength and Competing Ions

Science of the Total Environment

January 2021

  • Two PFAS impacted soils from Defence sites in Australia were treated with RemBind®.
  • Test methods accepted by regulatory authorities worldwide were used to assess the long-term stability of the RemBind under multiple leaching scenarios.
  • The effects of ionic strength, organic matter, and temperature extremes were also tested to simulate worst case scenario conditions in the field.
  • Results showed that remediation with RemBind® will be stable for extended periods under a wide range of site conditions.
  • This study provides site owners and regulatory authorities with a high level of confidence that the binding of PFASs by RemBind® is predicted to be persistent in the long term.