Australian Technology Cleaning Up ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Europe

Adelaide‐​based technology specialist RemBind Pty Ltd has appointed Envytech Solutions AB and Geokompaniet Sverige AB as distributors in Scandinavia for its RemBind products that clean up​‘forever chemicals’ in soil

These potentially toxic chemicals are present at 100’s of airport’s worldwide and emanate from the use of fire‐​fighting foams containing synthetic chemicals known as poly‐ and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). They are dubbed forever chemicals’ because they accumulate in the environment and are resistant to many traditional remediation methods.

Developed in collaboration with the CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency, RemBind® neutralises PFAS toxins by locking them up to prevent leaching into groundwater where they can cause harm to human health and the environment.

1,000’s of tonnes of PFAS‐​contaminated soil have been treated in Sweden with full sign‐​off from authorities, but this is the tip of the iceberg” according to Helena Hinrichsen, Founder and R&D Manager at Envytech Solutions AB.

We decided early on that we wanted to bring World’s Best Practice for PFAS remediation to Sweden and now we are seeing the rewards. Australia is leading the way in this area”.

The global PFAS remediation market has been estimated at 1 Trillion USD by some industry experts ‐ this is certainly big business. Global sales are growing at more than 100% which is good news for future jobs and export revenue for Australia” said Managing Director of RemBind Pty Ltd, Dr Richard Stewart.

Recent independent testing by a global engineering firm at a US Government site, shows that the binding is stable long term. This paves the way for the reuse of treated soils to avoid unsustainable landfill disposal. It also makes the soil safe during handling, transportation and storage which protects surrounding communities and the environment.

This gives peace of mind to future generations that the PFAS is permanently locked up and will not end up in drinking water” Dr Stewart added.

For more information please contact:

RemBind Pty Ltd, +61 8 8152 9390, info@​rembind.​com
Envytech Solutions AB, +46 704082480, helena.​hinrichsen@​envytech.​se
Geokompaniet Sverige AB, +46 705 75 05 92, mats@​geokompaniet.​se