RemBind® is a powdered adsorbent that binds strongly to
per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in soil,
preventing them from leaching into groundwater where they can cause serious harm to the environment and human health.

The Treatment Process

RemBind is added to soil at a rate of 1% to 5% by weight and mixed while adding water to achieve a final moisture content of around 10 – 20%. The treated soil is fixed for 24 hours and the PFAS remediation process is complete. Validation samples can then be collected for analysis to verify the reduction in leachability which is generally >95% compared to the untreated soil.

Mixing Equipment

For most PFAS projects, conventional earth moving equipment such as a loader/​excavator and a water truck can be used for the treatment process. For larger PFAS projects, specialised soil blending equipment can be used to process up to about 3,000 MT per day per machine.

Proven Long-Term Stability

The long-term stability of the RemBind reaction has been successfully tested using the US EPA Method 1320 which simulates 1,000 years of stability in an acid rain environment in an improperly lined landfill. RemBind treated soils have also been independently verified using the LEAF tests (US EPA Methods 1312, 1313) which test stability over a wide range of pH values (2−12) and repeated leaches in batch and column scenarios. Other RemBind-treated soils have been left for more than 3 years with no release of PFAS.

Full-Scale Projects

RemBind has been used to treat thousands of tonnes of PFAS contaminated soil at
full-scale in the USA, Europe and Australia with local regulatory approvals.


RemBind® has been used successfully at full-scale worldwide and is available through distributors in the USA, Europe and Australia.


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